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 Beatriz Soto

Democratic Candidate for Garfield County Commissioner, District 2

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Beatriz Soto's Positions on Issues Facing Garfield County

Government that works for All


It’s time we build a Garfield County government that works for all people, not just a select few.” 

Beatriz grew up in a single parent household in Garfield County, working alongside her mother as a housekeeper, cleaning homes up and down the Roaring Fork Valley, while also picking up jobs, waiting tables and landscaping.

Early on, she had a deep understanding of the income inequality in our region. She knows firsthand how important it is for our local government to create and support policies that lift up and provide real opportunities to all members of our community.

Beatriz believes that we have to come together, acknowledging our different identities and experiences, so that we can create a plan for the future where everyone can thrive.

She sees Garfield County as a colorful salad, where we bring all of our unique qualities and backgrounds together; that’s what makes us great.

From the farmers and ranchers on the Western Slope, the retirement communities, our working class families and young professionals in Glenwood, Rifle, New Castle, Parachute, and Carbondale, to our younger generation, concerned about social injustice and climate change—we are all one Garfield County. 

Beatriz is the voice of working people, and as County Commissioner she will stand up and work alongside our diverse community to ensure that our county government works for everyone. 

Beatriz is advocating for:

  • Smart sustainable growth with affordable and accessible housing

  • Investments in critical infrastructure, such as reliable internet access and public transportation

  • Increased transparency and participation in BOCC decision making through community advisory groups-dual language access to all government planning

  • Expanding senior and child welfare programs, age friendly community initiatives

  • Accessible medical and mental health costs in our county

  • Investing in educational programs 

  • Equitable community development 


Conserve our Natural Heritage


“Garfield County has an opportunity to safeguard our natural lands and way of life. Let’s protect the natural heritage of our county, wildlife, ecosystems, land, snowpack and our beloved scenery for current and future generations.”

Beatriz understands that keeping our natural landscapes and ecosystems intact makes Garfield County a more resilient place in the face of a shifting climate. Working alongside and collaborating with organizations like Wilderness Workshop, who protect public lands, Beatriz has spearheaded innovative policies that protect our natural resources and, in turn, allow our communities to prosper. 

We need to find bold solutions to address global challenges at a local level. We’ve all experienced the droughts, wildfires, up and down snow seasons, and fluctuating temperatures of recent years.

Managing and protecting natural lands can help offset or soften the impacts of a changing climate by mitigating drought, preventing species extinction, avoiding extreme wildfires, fostering food and water security, and preserving wildlife migration. 

A healthy climate is the foundation for a thriving economy. People want to live in beautiful places like Garfield County. Close proximity to trailheads, national parks and public lands raise property values and enhance quality of life. Together, we do more than just sustain our natural environment, but also create great jobs and safer, healthier communities.

As county commissioner, Beatriz will fight to protect our public lands, watersheds, wildlife and our conservation heritage by bringing these values into the county’s vision for the future. 

Beatriz supports:

  • Incentivizing sustainable and regenerative practices for farmers and ranchers

  • A 100% clean energy goal for Garfield County

  • Sustainable outdoor recreation 

  • Thirty by Thirty Resolution to Save Nature, a major Senate resolution to set a national goal of conserving at least 30 percent of the land and 30 percent of the ocean within the territory of the United States by 2030 

  • Fighting the RMR quarry expansion

  • Creating and implementing a Climate Action Plan for Garfield County that puts working families first

  • The Colorado Outdoor Recreation and Economy Act to permanently protect the Thompson Divide 

  • Developing Natural Disaster Adaptation Plan


Invest in our future


“We need a Garfield County that invests in us and in our future. Our stalled, monolithic current leadership has left us vulnerable to economic adversity and puts our livelihoods at risk. What we need instead, is leadership with vitality and a new vision for a creative, thriving future.”

As an architect, Beatriz knows how to design holistic sustainable systems that are built to last. As an entrepreneur, she knows how to take ideas and turn them into reality. As a community organizer, Beatriz knows that any plan is bound to fail unless everyone in the community is listened to, heard, and truly served by a solution that is built for them—not someone else's idea of what they need.

Beatriz is the candidate to bring this collaborative approach to our county government. She is committed to creating a Garfield County that is resilient, vibrant and forward thinking. Together Garfield County can transform into a place with equitable opportunities, sustainable development, and economic diversification for long-term success.

Beatriz’ top priority is to develop and implement a strategic economic development plan that protects healthy landscapes by creating promising pathways for our rural community’s long-term regional resiliency.

She will collaborate with local governments, businesses, investors, community stakeholders, small manufacturers, and everyday people and work tirelessly for all of Garfield County. She will advocate for small business opportunities by establishing public-private and regional partnerships, in her efforts to create a local economy that works well for all of us. 

Beatriz supports

  • Developing and implementing a County-wide Robust Economic Development Plan

  • Holistic review of our zoning and local ordinances, to create innovative zoning areas for sustainable growth and development, through land use opportunities

  • Creating investment partnerships for a diverse local economy

  • Incentivizing and supporting new small businesses

  • Providing start-up capital and support for young professionals and entrepreneurs 

  • Scale existing business-economic gardening, an entrepreneurial approach to economic development that seeks to grow the local economy from within 

  • Investments in community infrastructure to benefit locals and attract people and new businesses

  • Identify and support emerging industries that make sense for Garfield County

  • Foster new economic activity apart from tourism and oil and gas industries

Beatriz Soto for Garfield County Commissioner
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