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 Beatriz Soto

Democratic Candidate for Garfield County Commissioner, District 2

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Right now, Garfield County is experiencing several concurrent crisis: a crisis of health with COVID-19, extremely dry and hot summers with devastating wildfires, an economic crisis of mass unemployment and the crisis of inequity in our systems of government.

All of these crises have something crucial in common. They haven’t presented us with new problems, but have exposed existing ones.

They are systemic problems, and I am proud to be fighting for systemic solutions like equitable access to small business loans, childcare policies that allow families to work and thrive while taking care of their children and an end to our economic reliance to the oil and gas industry. 

Join us. It’s time for change. Unidos podemos!

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Government that works for all

I believe that we have to come together and acknowledge our different identities and experiences, so that we can create a plan for the future where everyone can thrive, not just a select few.

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Conserve our natural heritage

A healthy climate is the foundation for a thriving economy. I will fight to protect our public lands, watersheds, wildlife and our conservation heritage by bringing these values into the county’s vision for the future.

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Invest in our future

As an architect, I know how to design holistic sustainable systems that are built to last. I will advocate for small and emerging business investments and create a local economy that works well for all of us.


Michael Bennet

Michael Bennet
U.S. Senator for Colorado

Beatriz Soto is a bold leader. Her track record fighting for inclusive community representation, environmental justice, protection of our beloved public lands and a regional economy that truly works for all makes me confident she will usher in an era of significant progress in Garfield County. I’m pleased to endorse Beatriz for Garfield County Commissioner.

Joe Neguse

Joe Neguse
U.S. House of Representatives

“Beatriz is a thoughtful, talented and community-driven leader who will work hard for all people in Garfield County. She has been an ally in our efforts to protect our treasured public lands, and is not afraid to stand up for her community and the environment. Beatriz has a strong track record of fighting for sustainable, equitable, and compassionate policy and outcomes for her community. And that’s why I’m excited to enthusiastically endorse Beatriz Soto in her campaign for Garfield County Commissioner.”


Colorado Organization for Latina Opportunity and Reproductive Rights (COLOR) Action Fund

Our campaign has earned the endorsement of the @COLOR Action Fund Small Donor Committee, which endorses Reproductive Justice candidates for the State Legislature. Going beyond the right to access abortion care, Reproductive Justice recognizes the right to have a child, the right not to have a child, the right to parent the children we have with dignity. As well as the right to control our birthing options, the right to choose our sexual partners, and the right to control our own gender.

Kerry Tipper

Kerry Tipper

I’m proud to announce that I will be endorsing Beatriz Soto for County Commissioner in Garfield County. Not only does Beatriz put the needs of her community first, but she has a history and a way of bringing people together. I’m confident she’ll work to preserve the natural beauty of Garfield County while ensuring each member of her community has ample opportunity and hope for a brighter future.

Julie Gonzales

Julie Gonzales

As the only Latina currently serving in Colorado’s state Senate, I am so excited for Beatriz’s candidacy. I’ve appreciated her work to lift up the community’s voice long before she ever considered running for office, and I know that she will work tirelessly to ensure that Garfield County treats all of its residents with dignity and respect while also rebuilding the local economy in a sustainable way. Colorado needs more people like us stepping up to serve, and I encourage you to turn in your ballot TODAY for Beatriz Soto for Garfield County Commissioner. Adelante!

Working Families Party

Colorado Working Families Party Endorses Beatriz Soto, Garfield County Commissioner, District 2

Conservation Colorado

Conservation Colorado

Conservation Colorado is proud to endorse Beatriz Soto for Garfield County Commissioner. Beatriz Soto is committed to protecting public lands and water, and fighting for clean air while ensuring racial equity is at the forefront of decision making.

Kerry Donovan

Kerry Donovan

“Beatriz has a history of bringing people together. As Garfield County thinks about what is next, Beatriz’s history in the county and leadership will be critical. Her experience and commitment to outreach in communities will serve her well as an elected official and I’m excited to endorse her and ask you to support her for Garfield County Commissioner.”

Beatriz Soto for Garfield County Commissioner
PO Box 3372, Glenwood Springs, CO 81602
Norman Kirk, Treasurer